SOLD OUT! SORRY! Keep your eyes open for 2019...


Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?

Join me on luxury wooden sailing yachts, cruising the Mediterranean Sea, drinking in all of what the South Eastern Greek Islands have to offer.  

Ever dreamed of cruising around the islands of Greece... while also practicing yoga? And eating amazing food? Exploring and hiking?Living on a cozy, sailing ship with new and old friends? Well, if you answered yes to all these questions, then boy do I have a trip for you!

You can expect twice daily yoga practice with amazing views, island hoping, jumping in the ocean, hikes, Greek culture, healthy Mediterranean food and so much more. You'll be immersed (and amazed) by the oceans' kind embrace and gentle rock. 

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The southern part of the Dodecanese, from Rhodes to Kos has a tremendous variety of beautiful experiences and scenery. The volcanic isle of Nisyros, the cultural impressions of Kos, the picturesque houses in Symi, and the diverse cultures on the island of Rhodes.

In between our yoga sessions we'll explore the islands, go on hikes, visit historic sites and eat the best Mediterranean food. This is truly an adventure of a lifetime. 

*DISCLAIMER: You will be living aboard a ~100 foot sailboat for a week with 15-25+ other people. Quarters are cozy, and you won't have a lot  of personal space. While this boat and the experience will indeed be luxurious, life at sea and living on boats can be challenging for some people and personalities. Just keep that in mind and be honest with yourself for how you might do in this type of environment. You can't really just go for a walk to be alone... It requires patience, kindness, compromise, surrender, and a willingness to open up a bit and really be part of this group. Does this sound like a good fit for you? Are you ready?