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Join Peter Walters on a luxury, wooden wooden sailing yacht, cruising the Mediterranean Sea, drinking in all of what the South Eastern Greek Islands have to offer. 

You can expect twice daily yoga practice with amazing views, island hoping, jumping in the ocean, hikes, incredible, Greek culture, healthy Mediterranean food. You'll be immersed (and amazed) by the oceans' kind embrace and gentle rock. 

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Greek Islands

The southern part of the Dodecanese a group of 15 islands, from Rhodes to Kos has a tremendous variety of beautiful experiences and scenery to offer. The volcanic isle of Nisyros, the cultural impressions of Kos, the picturesque houses in Symi, and the diverse cultures on the island of Rhodes. 

These islands belong to a world of myth and magic, rich in historic remains and culture, bearing witness of the grandeur of the numerous civilizations came and went over the millenia. 

In between our yoga sessions we'll explore the islands, go on hikes, visit historic sites and eat the best Mediterranean food. This is an adventure of a lifetime. 


What’s included

  • 7 nights/8 days on an Exclusive Yoga Retreat on a private wooden Yacht

  • Yoga & Meditation twice daily either on the deck, at the pier or a historic site on an island!

  • Mediterranean Vegetarian/Vegan Brunch and Dinner on Deck

  • Optional Activities: Kos town, Rhodos Island, historic monument


  • New Friends and lots of chanting!