“Peter’s class tonight was incredible for me. I literally felt like I was dancing! The space he creates for students is so special. It is honestly impossible to put into words, it just has to be experienced!... I just want to be a testament to you that Peter really has a gift to share with the world. He shows up so authentically and filled with love... it’s contagious. I’m so happy he touches so many people with his practice every day because gosh knows we need more of that!” -Alex B.

"As a practitioner of more than 20 years in San Francisco I was delighted  to find Peter. He embodies the definition of  yoga in spirit and practice. His Bhakti classes are one of mind body and spirit. Each time,  something new to discover and begin again. Well curated music transports students to a magical place  and his hands on approach encourages students beyond what they may not know they can do. " - Julie P. 

"I never leave Peter's class the way I arrive, no matter the situation I arrive in, it's transformative. His ability to sync in... to the energy in the room, the union created through chanting, the gifts yoga has to offer, gratitude and humility... Each class is altering... every time. With a focus on breath, gratitude, presence, alignment, muscle strengthening and a connection of mind, body and soul, each class is a journey, which if you choose to tune into, will bring you exactly where you would benefit from arising from. Because of routinely attending his classes, I'm stronger, balanced, calmer and have found the delight in chanting...  It's simple... go and go often.  And, thank you Peter." - Guryan

"For someone who's taken A LOT of yoga classes in San Francisco, I can truly say Peter brings a special energy to his classes. You can literally be out of breath, hustling in to class and right when you see him, you're calmed with his presence and his smile.  I've taken his rooftop classes and he uses the space well. How can you not love the view right? The music is on point and if you're lucky, he'll serenade the class a little too. The Bhakti Flow Vinyasa is reminiscent of Rusty Wells, but Peter puts his own spunk into it, which I dig. You'll get sun salutations, warriors, and always something playful in there like crow. I've always left his flow happier than I already was and blissed out. Check him out; you won't be disappointed. Can't wait to flow with him again!” - Minnie W. 

"Peter's class was the first I took after moving to San Francisco, and I haven't been far from it since. I tend to take things very seriously, even yoga, but I can't help but grin through every class. Peter knows when to challenge and when to encourage, when to speed up the flow and when to remind us of why we are there. I've been to quite a few of his classes now, but I still find that each one presents me with a new opportunity to grow and to learn. Peter's heartfelt intention can be seen both on the mat and off, and he challenges his students to take what they learn in the studio back into other areas of their lives. Peter is refreshingly human in his classes, and that's what keeps me coming back for more." - Katie H. 

"I had the pleasure of being lead in yoga AND getting a Thai massage by Peter at a retreat in Utah, and the experience for both was nothing short of amazing! For his yoga, it was the perfect balance between challenging and revitalizing but it also brought a calmness to my core. I practice yoga frequently and Peter's teachings are some of the best and most enjoyable I have ever experienced. As for the Thai Massage, I am bummed that Peter is located in the Bay Area, for I live in LA, and if he lived here I would go to him every week! IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! I also get massages a lot and I've never had someone feel so in-tune with my body as Peter did. I really felt like he knew the exact spots to target without me saying anything! Between the stretches, movement, and massage it was a stimulating experience. Thank you Peter for being you and bringing your gifts to us!" -Casey L. 

"I've taken multiple classes with Peter. He's unlike most yoga instructors in that he hits all the necessary pillars. He hits the perfect balance of both working you spiritually and physically , and will adjust accordingly as per your needs. I would recommend everyone to at least try Peter's class once, as it's all you'll need to be hooked." -Munjal S.