May 12-24th, 2019. 


Are you ready for an adventure? Are your legs ready to trek for several hours a day? Are you eyes ready to take in the majestic Himalayas of Nepal? Then boy do I have a retreat for you!

I've partnered with a dear friend of mine to guide our adventure. We'll be trekking for 9 days, preparing/arriving for the first two, and returning on the final day/night. Check out the proposed itinerary for a picture of what our days will looks like.


Rough Daily Plan: We'll wake early, drink tea, meditate, sing/chant, have a light practice, breakfast, trek, trek, trek some more, stop at the next tea house, eat, maybe practice, sing and collapse into deep sleep! We will have 0-2 yoga asana practices per day depending on the energy of the group. Some of these hiking days can be long, so occasionally our practices will be very restorative.

Before we continue, however, know that this "retreat" is NOT for everyone. 

IF you are okay with a little discomfort...

IF you are not a picky eater (very limited meal options, but veg friendly)...

IF you can carry your own pack for 4-6 hours of moderate trekking per day...

IF you're easy going, communicative and get along well with everyone...

IF you're physically fit and are an already active, generally healthy person...

IF you prefer the path less traveled, and (sometimes!) opt for the hostel or homestay over the starred luxury hotel...

IF you're looking for adventurous, spiritual, deep travel experience and not a pampered vacation...

Then BOY do we have a journey for You!

Nepal holds a very special place in my heart. While trekking in the Tsum Valley on April 23rd, 2015 a massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake rocked the ground, destroyed villages, homes, lives and ultimately kept my group of 21 stuck in the mountains (in a house) for 10 days before being evacuated by helicopter. Are you still reading? If so, this experience may be perfect for you. This is for folks who are physically and mentally tough, and don't shy away from a good (safe-ish) challenge. I sure hope we don't get another earthquake (I'm knocking on wood as I type!), and trust our guide without a moment of hesitation.


Our route is the most beautiful "short"  trekking hikes between Manasalu and the Annapurna Region-- It’s call Bimtang. 

Are you ready?! 


This is one of the most beautiful "short"  trekking hikes between Manasalu and the Annapurna Region-- It’s call Bimtang. 

I have teamed up with an amazing friend and guide to lead our trek. You are in for an amazing, spiritual, physical and cultural adventure. 

Curious about the itinerary and where we're going? Click below to learn more or sign up!

*NB: Make sure that this is really the trip for YOU.  Also note that your $1,000 deposit is nonrefundable and nontransferable, unless for whatever reason, we had to cancel the retreat in which case you would be refunded in full. 

Email with any questions