• Hawaii Island Retreat (map)
  • Big Island, HI

Join us for our second annual Song of the Heart Retreat to Hawaii for 6 days on the Big Island. This will be a time for yoga (of course), relaxation, healthy food, kirtan, fun and play, and any adventures off-site that you can dream up. I'll be joined by musician and fellow yogi, Nat Kendall. Are you ready for an unforgettable week in Hawaii?


Hawaii Island Retreat Center, Big Island HI

March 11-16th 2018


Each morning we will begin with a seated meditation, chanting and a refreshing, and challenging practice that will awaken your heart, mind and body. Afternoons we will have a practice and occasionally workshops on yoga philosophy, chanting and mantra, pranayama, inversions, partner work and all sorts of fun.  Classes will be taught by Peter with live music by Nat Kendall. We will be exploring the many facets of this ancient practice that is accessible to both beginners and advanced practitioners alike. You'll also have 1 afternoon off to explore on your own.