• love story yoga (map)
  • San Francisco, CA

Saturday Night Live is back again!

Join Peter Walters and musician Bone Lhamo Kyap for an evening of conversation, vinyasa flow, and beautiful, healing music. Bone creates his music as a practice of nurturing Mother Earth, and a way to recognize that all people deserve refuge and a welcoming environment, no matter how far from home they travel. Bone's music is born of passion and his commitment to healing; he asks you to do more than just listen. You have to feel. You are in for a very special experience.

We will begin the evening with a short discussion around Yoga — What’s it all about? Why do we practice? How do we incorporate music into our practices? What is devotion and how do I do it? How does Yoga relate to Life? These are just some of the questions that may arise in the moment. It will be relaxed and conversational. We will then chant for a bit, step into a sweet and sweaty flow practice lead by Peter and serenading music by Bone. We will finish the night with a deep, long savasana, some special refreshments and a chance to connect with one another!