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On New Year’s Eve we will turn down the lights, light(okay, turn on) the (electric) candles, create a beautiful alter, burn off what’s been stuck and sticky in our minds and hearts over the past year, and invite in what we want and need for 2020. Are you ready?

Join me for a night of joyous singing, intention setting and a spicy, soulful Vinyasa Flow as we start the new year off sweaty and in celebration with our dear sangha!

This is a two-hour flow/prayer/meditation/party/offering for the gift of this life, and new cycle that is 2020. Get ready for a sweaty, powerful and playful practice. This is a chance to set aside what we may be clinging onto a bit too tightly, to forgive, to say “I’m sorry,” or “I love you,” or…”I quit!” This evening we will make space for the new, while gracefully saying “goodbye” to what was. We will open our bodies, hearts and minds to the infinite possibilities of what 2019 can offer— and what we can offer back.

You can expect amazing music, strong asana, breath work, dancing, intention setting and maybe a few hugs. At midnight, we'll enjoy light refreshments. It would be an honor and a privilege to share this moment of transition with you.