peter and nat - SNL- love story .png

We’re thrilled to offer our second edition of Saturday Night Live…and again, sadly, Will Ferrell and Tina Fey couldn’t make it.  

Saturday Night Live is a candle-lit, late-night flow class with live music, conversations around yoga, chanting, meditation and an extra long, deep savasana. 

This time Peter is joined by his dear friend and “Bhakti bother,” Nat Kendall. Nat is a musician, teacher, surfer and truly a lover of life. He recently produced and released the #1 World Music iTunes EP,  Path of Devotion, with Janet Stone. Nat’s musical offering is joyous, beautiful and you’ll often find yourself chanting along while holding chair pose for a few too many breaths. Peter's flow is playful and lighthearted, yet deep and powerful. You can expect a strong vinyasa class infused with yoga philosophy, and, in the spirit of SNL, a few poorly timed dad jokes. 

Come spend your Saturday evening in good company, surrendering our efforts, singing your heart out and offering it all up to something bigger. 

Join us!