You, dear human, are the healer, the healing and the healed.

You don’t need any fixing.
You’re already enough.
Throw away your goals.
Put down your plans.
Release the idea that you need healing.

You are the only one that can “heal” yourself from the false belief that you’re broken or not complete.

Your healing journey began the day you were born. Our mistake was in believing someone else would do the work for us, as if we were the sheep that needed to be sheared. No, you’re the sheep, the sheer-er and the beautiful woven wool all in one complicated messy human form.

I’m not saying skip therapy or the doctor or throw away your support system. I’m saying remember that YOU do the work, AND that you’re way more okay than you thought. If you would set down the aspect of yourself that thinks you are not whole, and at least pretend, for a few moments, that you’re absolutely fucking (iPhone autocorrect prefers ducking) PERFECT, you’d find yourself living the most inspired, grateful, gracious and graceful existence.

I get by in the world each day feeling pretty darn good because the story I’ve told myself for many years now is that my life and heart and body and relationships are abundant and, at the very least, really okay! Sure, I tell myself not-enough stories sometimes, but I use my sword of discernment often and cut that myth away.

You were brought into this perfectly imperfectly and have lived perfectly perfectly imperfectly, and you’ll die that way too. The thing won’t be gone after 1000 hours of reiki or massage or therapy or sound baths or yoga or shaming. The good work of healing is moment to moment remembering that you’re a child of the divine mystery and Lila (play) of some big Unknown and unknowable. Why the heck are you even here? To work-eat-entertain-sleep-procreat-begin-again? It’s definitely not to spend your life healing. The why of existence is of course THE question. But please, for today, just consider that you’re fine, and that you don’t need spiritual or emotional healing. Try it. Maybe you’re mantra is, “I am okay.” That’s plenty. I love you. Good luck you perfectly imperfect creature of the Universe.