You, my love, are Loved.

I may not know your name, your face or your favorite flower, but believe it or not, I love you to the moon and back 108 times. You are my Beloved, even if we've never met. If we shared just a breath of this sweet air, I love you like I do my brother.

It's funny how we are so selective with our love. We focus our love on what is attractive, or what is biologically close, but what IF we just opened the flood Gates of our hearts?

I was watching some conspiracy theory documentary the other night ("classic Peter", some may say) and they were saying that 43 of the 44 US presidents share a common ancestor from European power and royalty. While the conspiracy of this trickle down passing torch of power is debatable, the closeness of us is not. Remember that we all come from SOME source. If we go back far enough how could we not be related? We may be cousins 256 times removed, but we are kin nonetheless...and I love you through it all.

Whether you are a sinner or a saint, I love you the same. In the Tao they say that a good man is a bad man's teacher, and a bad man is a good man's job. So we need each other!

Love all beings BECAUSE of their differences. Love all beings because it's hard and you're challenged --you should be. Each and every one of us has this short window of time in life to try to "figure things out." And life is hard, so I try to never judge someone who makes decisions that I disagree with. I have never walked around with their baggage or genetics or circumstance or body or brain or life! I/we may disagree with each other's choices or beliefs, but I do believe to my core that each human here is trying their darndest to do what they believe is the right thing and find happiness. Period. You may disagree with their "good life," and that's ok--its good! You become an activist or a teacher or a good politician because of them perhaps. So I believe it is also our duty to love and serve everyone. And of course it's really hard! Rubrics cubes are hard! Calculus is hard! Diamonds are hard! Yet we play with and shape and try to understand them. Love and serve.