What if you didn't think you couldn't?

What if all of your beliefs about yourself pointed to: "I can!"?
We are only limited (mostly) by our beliefs. If we believe we are not worthy of love, of acceptance, of forgiveness, of kindness then we surely will not be. I believe that the universe conspires along with our thoughts. Somehow (and I have no idea how), this living, breathing, collapsing, exploding, expanding, giving and taking "thing" that is the our universe listens... really!? Try it! Play with shifting your thoughts around. Try praying. Try wispering "thank you" ten thousand times. Try chanting OM until you can't chant anymore. Watch what happens to your life--your experience of the world that is necessarily changing and falling away. If your narrative is "I'm no good at this, I don't have enough, why won't anybody.." , try "my life is full, I have plenty, I'm so grateful that those close to me DO..." Affirm and speak what it is that you want. It may arrive in unexpected and perhaps even uncomfortable ways, but it always comes.

I have been absolutely blessed with the gift of positive thought. *Ususally* my thoughts are inspired, hopeful, optimistic, generous, and forgiving. Obviously, many days and moments they are not. But my general day to day experience of living feels abundant and graced. AND, I also actively point my thoughts and awareness towards what I want. And sometimes the things that I want are so silly and completely wrong for me...they're not what I need. And low and behold, Ill have this thing or experience that isnt right at all. So I pause and recenter. I listen. Then I remember. I drive this ship! I point this human body and heart. This is why I mediate and practice. Live and love as a student of your life, rather than just being taken for a ride by what is thrown at you. Direct your awareness towards beauty and grace and happiness and abundance and really great sex if that's what you want! Dont hold back. This is your trip baby! First class or way in the back stuck between a couple smelly folks. YOU choose each moment.

Now get out of here and begin again! Change your mind and you'll change your life.