Here’s the truth about my Instagram posts. Most of the time when I start to write it begins: “Wake up! We get to be alive again today.” This is virtually every single post!

My mind has this mantra on repeat most of the time. It gets a little annoying, and when I write it and share some version of it,I feel like a broken record.

BUT, it’s also the one line that I want to hear throughout each day—in addition to “I love you,” of course.

I really want to tattoo this line (and maybe a few others) on the inside of my eyelids, so whenever they close, I remember, and open them even wider.
I would venture to say that most of us take our days for granted. We forget that we’re on a mystical journey through time and space, deep in the universe. And that there’s far more that we don’t know than we do.

It’s unfortunate that our mind holds such a strong cinematic narrative structure of our lives. It makes us forget that each day is a total miracle and was definitely not guaranteed. It makes us forget to be amazed. It makes us forget to be extra grateful and kind and forgiving and to get out of the line and quit being a sheep! We are ALL guilty of this.

What if we thought about TODAY as an entire lifetime. In these 24 hours I suspect we could be floored by the absurd, strange, beautiful, wondrous “reality” that we woke up into.

None of this is “normal.” None of this is routine. None of this is basic or boring or not enough or too much or good or bad. YOU and your wandering mind make it so.

I choose each day to remember how lucky I am. I choose to open to awe. I allow myself the space to stare off at a tree and wonder about how the heck that thing came to be here and be fully of a deep, ancient intelligence. And if you’re in an cubicle right now, or on a bus, or doing literally anything else, focus your senses. Re-orient. Listen to subtle sounds. Stare at a phone and wonder how in the heck that thing does what it does. Put down your “I know the answer” hat and be dumb struck by your reality. Do not be a passive observer of this life. The time is now to awaken to right now. It’s not complicated. Your awakening is right here.Just look up and take a breath. Here you are again. Begin again