WAKE UP is my mantra right now. I am sleep walking so much! In fact, I'm kind of sleep walking/posting right now. Back on Instagram, again. Posting for...? Traction, community, sign ups, sales, clicks, awareness? All the buzz words. And, to be seen. Whatever the offering, or however beautiful the photo, behind any surface reason, we want to be seen. I, ego of Peter, wants to be seen. The Self--that awareness that rest below the surface and layers is totally fine, always. Self doesn't need to post. Self doesn't care about what is happening outwardly. Self doesn't have any reason to get out of bed in the morning, really. Self is just in a constant state of chilling! And I love that.

So "I" try to return to/remember "my" Self often. I say "wake up!" aloud or in my head and just stop thinking for a moment. And I've already done that several times as I've written this post. Stop. Pause. Notice the present moment. Begin again.

The mind is magical in all that it does and can do! I'm not anti-mind. But I do see and feel the potency of remembering the present moment without my thoughts needing to be involved. Just Be-ing, or Is-ness.

So whenever "I" post, I'm also chuckling at Peter, for being pulled back into this vortex yet again. It's not all bad of course. I'm often inspired by many of you, and I hope that you get something from reading my thoughts too. But just keep looking up, okay? It's important that we don't forget what we are,where we are, and that we don't stop asking WHY we are. Life is so cool and weird and beautiful and sad and sexy and loving and forgiving and exactly Perfect.

Let's begin again today. In fact, Right Now. Look up. Take a breath. Bring a smile to you're face. And just spend a few moments dwelling and fully embodying the fullness of Now. It's amazing when you fully arrive. Good luck. Love, Peter. //