This isn't my life, or your life. It's our life.

It's all one shared physical, emotional and spiritual journey that we are all co-creating. We are on a giant ship together sailing the seas of the flat, glass-calm duldroms and also the blustery, stormy moments rounding Cape Horn. As a sailor, I think of life moments as ebbs and flows, storms and slow rollers naturally. I've sailed through it all, yet have not yet lived through it all. But I am, and I will, and you will, too. It feels like we do it seperately because of we're usually trapped inside our heads, trying to figure out this or that. But I believe our work is to do our best to feel the weight of reality that each and every one of us holds and lives though; this is the heart of compassion. We need to see and try to feel the possibly dispair of someone who is a billionaire and also the pure joy of someone in abject poverty, or a terminal diagnosis. Trust that there's someone from every walk of life "going through IT." And so we share the journey.

Your joy is my joy. Your sadness and mourning is mine to. Yet it's hard for many of us to step into each other's shoes and really feel that. But that's what I want to do and practice. It's important that more and more, we remember that we are absolutely in this together. Our pasts and futures are inextricably linked.

So in your darkest and lightest moments, don't you dare walk alone. It's selfish, and neglects the rememberance that when you are shining brightly and are so full of light and happiness and gratitude, you inspire and uplift another. Likewise, when you are at your lowest moment, you remind another of the spectrum of the human experience of fear and sadness alike. Don't walk alone. Hold your friends and lovers and also your nameless neighbors close. They are your brethren on this ship.

How do we cope with our necessary walk to the grave? We share the burden--and also the privlege. We hold our loved ones. We breathe with them, just for a moment, in calm seas and turbulent storms. We allow love to flow through it all.

We begin again.