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This is my "holy shit I'm alive" face!

This is how I feel most of the time. I close my mouth and soften my eyes so as not to freak people out, but on the inside, this is how I ususally feel.

It's sort of a constant state of awe that any of this is real. From a ray of sunshine touching and warming my face, to literally any smell, touch or taste, it only takes a momentary pause to realize how incredibly magical it is that we are here at all...let alone all the absurdly cool things that we can do and be!

Being human is nothing short of mind blowingly miraculous! That we exist out here in a crazy hostile universe of gases and rocks and swirling particles and solar flares and extreme heat and cold that would burn us or freeze us in an instant if things were just a wee bit different... That we can talk and listen and think and think about thinking is absurd. And digestion?! Cellular respiration? Miosis and mitosis?

Did you know that two people (maybe even one!) can create a fucking human!? Excuse my language, but I just can't believe it!

And it may appear from these words that I'm on psychedelics or something, but quite the opposite is true. I am sober to Life! All it takes is a pause --and it doesn't even really take that. Just look up in wonder! Or look down like a child first discovering a roly-poly, or touching the dirt.

Life is more than amazing. Words can't touch the blood pulsing, dendrite connecting, feet running, heart loving possibilities of your existence.

Don't take a moment for granted. You're the Buddha baby! Your form and formless nature is made from the very stuff of the universe! You contain everything! You're not missing a thing. You were born ready to step fully into the mysteries of this mystical and holy adventure.

SO, if and when you get caught thinking about something small and a waste of your thoughts and breaths and feelings, just stop for a moment. Remember where you are. Look around at something living. Smile to yourself. Step fully into your life. Because we just get Right Now. Honor it. Feel it fully. Embrace your moment. Embrace your life and all that it contains and all that it doesn't. No accidents. Begin Again.