This is all a play, and each of us unwittingly actors in each other's unfolding dramas.

We play out characters of who we are supposed to be. Given our education, our jobs, our travel, our friends, our looks, our experiences, our teachers, our loves and has all amalgamated into this being looking at these words. We are built from success and failure, being told you were too much or not enough, beaten or held tenderly. You are who you are because of ALL of it. So each of us is playing (or resisting) our part. We act extra strong, because that's the person we have been and think we need to continue to be. Or perhaps we only show tiny bits of ourselves, because we believe that's all people want to see. Or, we share everything, and see our lives as so darn special. Or so many other expressions of our lives being stamped into each next present moment.

Try to see through the strong sense of you, and instead reframe yourself as an actor in this divine, unfolding play. You could try on different masks and costumes as the play progresses. In fact, alter the whole narrative! You're the producer, director, actor, set designer and the extra, too. Or maybe it's all just God dancing through you.

Make this your dream movie--your dream life. Don't hold back. You're limited only by the thoughts that you think. So think audacioisly-- think with love and heart and spirit and humility and curiosity and awe. Change your mind and you'll change your life.

As we approach 2019, personally, I'm taking a look back at my "movie." What was interesting? What was crafted really intentionally and what was lazily done? What could I improve on in the sequel? Is it a blockbuster? Off Broadway? Without ego, without grandeur, what can one make of this life? May you venture into this next cycle deliberately, ready, informed, but also able to toss it all away, throw your arms in the air, and simply say, " I have no idea!"