The festival of life.

The senses are wide awake in this environment. Thousands of people to take in, products and services all screaming for your attention, smells, smiles, tastes, sounds, booties and beautiful bodies, touches and experiences of all kinds abound. It's an easy place to be seduced, distracted and titillated by sense perceptions.The festival is a hyper-concentrated/intensified mirror of our daily lives. Bombarded with physical and digital signs to buy this or that, "come in and try this on," all the stalls calling your name with that perfect thing just for YOU. Some of us can wait, test our patience, others jump and buy that thing immediately. But it's quietly, or very loudly yelling to you.

It is/was all a test. @libfestival was a delight and truly a privilege to experience and share bhakti and play with everyone. AND, my practice was tested --everyday! I loved it! Can you resist the urge to reach for/taste/do everything your mind craves? It's quite hard. I succumbed to desires many times this weekend--and I watched it happen, seemingly powerless. And I'm grateful for yet another lesson in this school of life. Now home, I know my ever-changing self just a little bit better.