I don't want success or failure; both are dangerous roads.

Over the last week I've reread the Tao Te Ching about 5 times. It offers sweet, “simple,” yet sort of non-obvious truisms about life that are difficult to refute and that one could chew on for lifetimes.

It talks about the ladder up towards success and down towards failure both as precarious. Only steadily, two feet on the ground are we secure.

And I realize that when I'm at my "best" in life, I'm not reaching up or falling down. I'm content exactly where I am, not pushing for the next thing to satisfy my mind/heart/body. I allow myself to feel enough in resources, in opportunity, in food and shelter, in relationship, in love and of course in myself.

I always wondered why companies keep trying to get bigger and keep hiring and expanding when their product is often simple enough. Take this platform for example. All we are doing is sharing photos, short videos and maybe some text. Sure it took some setup, and probably a bit of upkeep. But why thousands of employees? Billions of dollars? When is it enough? Why constant iteration? When will they/we/you/me ever get THERE already? Well, of course, when we arrive HERE! It's all a big game of just figuring out that we have the magic now -- we ARE that. And perhaps success and “winning” just means realizing that we don’t need to strive anymore.

There's nothing more to be or do. You are plenty. Rejoice in average! Celebrate what you are now! Forget the bigger and more is better. Also forget emptiness and lack. I DO believe that there is a place in our hearts that is always okay and doesn't need one more kiss/dollar/like/comment/sugar/domaine hit/approval rating/vertically-moving metric. There is a place in each of us that is always cool as can be.

I pray that you look deep inside for that aspect of yourself that isn't reaching or pushing but that is always okay. I'm working on it right now. Join me as we begin yet again.