Thank you for this day!

I will do my best to keep remembering.
I will keep saying thank you.
I will keep looking more closely.
I will keep trying my very best to see everyone as not only a friend or a sibling, but a part of me.
I’ll remind myself over and over that I GET to be here, to breathe, to laugh and cry and hurt and heal and get back up through it all.
I’ll try to stay positive amidst the turmoil and hate and war and poverty and injustice and suffering.
I will try my best to share my light through all of this, to remind you of yours, and how important it is that you shine yours even brighter than mine. I’ll try to keep eye contact with you, and listen as closely as I can.
I’ll try to be as kind, reasonable, and forgiving as someone that I admire deeply.
I’ll sing today, because it makes me feel so darn good!
And finally I’ll pray today, in hopes that somehow my thoughts and words reach somebody who is in pain and needs some love and attention right now.

May we sanctify each and every day that we get to be alive. Today has NEVER happened before! Do something different and delightful, however small. Pick a flower and give it to a stranger, or just pick your nose if you never have! Routines are wonderful. But spontaneous dance and song and play are even more so. I pray that you don’t forget how lucky you are to be here. In the entirety of the universe, on all realms and planes of existence, you arrived here. And if you’re here and breathing, at a minimum, you’re doing okay. I love you human. Keep going! I’m right here dancing and stumbling along with you.