Thank you for the gift of today.

Today only happens ONCE! And it only happens right now! There's no today, tomorrow-- nor was it yesterday. Today is now! It's the sweetest of gifts. Tomorrow may not occur. Yesterday was probably a dream or a computer simulation, but this moment, RIGHT! Alive! Here! Awake! Breathing deeply! Heart beating! Eyes open! Organs churning! Celestial bodies dancing around the cosmos above and below. And I get to dance around (on one foot!) in celebration of this life. And it's a sweet one. It sometimes feels frustrating or mean or wrong, but when I really listen I know that it's right. It is as it should be, despite my opinions. It IS. And my work is to accept what is, or if and when I'm called into action (by whatever thought or inspiration or random moment), then I take a stand. But I try not to fight my mind, nor other folks' minds either for that matter. I try to just live kindly with as much joy and present moment amazement as a puppy! I often forget and stumble around in human mode, in my front brain, trying to figure out the unanswerable questions. Then I stop and just look around. Sometimes I cry. Because I GET to be here. And I get to love. And I get to lose, too, which teaches me so much about loving even more. Remember that this life is a privilege. Don't take a moment for granted. Don't even think about it! That's it. Happy day, pup.