Take aim, and then let go!
I do believe that your dream life is under your nose, waiting patiently beneath your toes for you to take the first step.

I think all it takes is imagining the "good life" and then surrendering the "how" of making it real. When we micro-manage and "goalify" each and every step of our days and life, we tend to miss a lot. We miss the simple and sweet things that are actually not simple at all, but quite magical.

But take aim! See yourself being the person that you seek, in friendship, in parenting, in love, in colleagues, in childhood, in old age, in play, in love and in God. Take aim in becoming the most delightful version of yourself as you can. Forget becoming the character that inhabits your job or role or life situation. Instead become a magnificent YOU who effortlessly puts on and takes off your various costumes and masks. But first we just imagine.

What are the qualities you would like to more fully step into? Who embodies those qualities that you admire? Who are your mentors, and how do they teach you (formally or informally)? What does the good life even really look like? In fact, am I already living it? Do I just need to change my mindset about a few things and situations? Maybe.

I guess I'm just trying to say imagine the possibilities of the most glorious life and version of you ever possible, and then let go completely. The universe (plus your awareness) will conspire to help you in stepping into the flow again and again, offering you exactly what you need. Begin again, my dear...