Oh happy day! Are you ready to shake it all up and begin again?!
What little and big things can you do today--right now, to rewire your brain in healthy and productive ways?
Instead of seeing myself as being a certain way, or even having certain proclivities, I prefer to think of life as moments that I can be awake to fully, or sort of sleep walk through (*See Netflix, Instagram scrolling, addictions, food, etc). It's fun to deliberately play with your attention. Notice yourself immediately, unconsciously drawn to a smell, sound, taste or touch and then decide to refocus on something else, especially if the sense perception is strong. SO often I (we?) are just pulled by the gravity of the moment, stalled by inertia or habit patterns, not completely awake to the magnificence of it all. However when I do stop and really "smell the roses," I feel free. So today, mix SOMETHING up. Strive to use your mind and heart and body in ways that you're not used to and serve something bigger and wiser. .
What will you do differently today that is in service of your "highest" self?