Self Care Saturday!

I went to sleep last night with plans and goals and intentions for this morning. But when I woke up I decided to throw those away and take the day more slowly. Stay in sweats, get BACK in bed with a book and coffee.
Many of us have the tendency to always be DOING. Whether it's cleaning the house, running arrends or exercising, go-mode seems to drive the ship. Which is fine, until it isn't.

When we fill every minute of the day with an activity, or something that needs to get done, we tend to forget to look up. We neglect how sweet and enjoyable it can be to just be chilling out. And that doesn't mean you need to sit silently in a corner staring out at nothing for hours. Heck, you could be reading or watching or painting or noticing. The point is to deliberately NOT be "productive." Scheduled YouTube learning, or mindful cookie consumption is perfect use of this self care moment. As long as the activity is deliberate and nourishing, I think there's something there to feed your soul.

I don't know. I'm just trying to help myself break through compulsive habit patterns so I can be a better friend, lover, brother, son, teacher, student, human. To catch myself in the act of autopilot thinking and doing--even if it's "productive." Sometimes the best thing (for me) to do, is lay around doing quite little. It's relaxing for my nerves, and gives my brain and body a well deserved rest. And then, when I'm done, I get back to work. I reset, renew and re-engage with my stuff--excercise, friends, work, To-do lists, etc.

And it's funny, because I'm sure some of y'all have the exact opposite "issue;" that is, you're always chilling out and need to get back to work. Oh humans. We are adorable, and so varied.

Just take a moment this weekend and do something that feels really good, okay? Whether your brain is off or on for this activity, do something really kind for yourself.
What will you do this weekend for self care?