When you look around --like right now--remember that everything you see began as an idea.

The lamp, the mug, the piano, the desk, computer, pencil, scrap of plastic on the floor, vase, rug, painting, box...those began as ideas!

I don't know about you, but that's mind blowing to me! I think we tend to forget the power of imagination and dreaming and indeed manifestation.

Yet, if you take a look at yourself and the life that is behind you and in front of you now...you did that! Whether it was accidental, or quite on purpose, you created a life of perceived abundance/lack/success/failure/Zen/chaos/satisfaction/joy/hell/contentment --whatever you perceive as your life situation, you brought that into existence.

Of course, much of the circumstances that brought us into life were of course out of our control, and indeed millions of humans are in situations that are deeply challenging and virtually impossible to change.

BUT, we can always change our minds! Whether you're in a prison cell, or looking out on a vast field, in either situation you could see freedom or confinement, bliss or despair.

It is indeed our job to take responsibility for who we are and what we put out into the world. It's easy to lean on our life circumstances or blame so and so. But now you can begin anew and write the next chapter of your own creation. What you think and say and do matters. It creates little (or enormous!) ripples in the universe that taps people and things into and out of existence.

So if and when you ever feel powerless, or maybe uninspired or lost, just look around: look out at all that has been created from ideas --without neededing to put preference to it...just be in awe. And allow that awe to put you squarely back into your power. It's right here and now. No degrees or 10 step program or retreat is necessary for you to be and create and manifest the life that you want.

So begin again, right now! *This photo is of me leading a retreat in Greece last year. I'd always wanted to go with dear friends and sail and enjoy...so I thought about it and created that reality to a T. Thoughts are poweful. Don't underestimate what one thought can do.