Quit looking for love, and start to BE love.

I've spent most of my life seeking love in others. And this isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it's beautiful and just about as human as we get. We are all here because a lineage of people before us said I love you, in one way or another...even if just for one night...with their bodies...you know what I mean.

But it is in that seeking from another where we go astray. This is how and where we hurt, feel not enough, or too much, or broken, or not ready, or too needy, or just simply not good! It is this reaching outwards and seeking wholeness and fulfillment from another human that prevents us, often, from finding deep, healthy and meaningful love. Often times, someone who doesn't love themselves meets someone else who doesn't love themselves and this relationship becomes one of dependence, and conditions and toxic tendencies.

And know that as I share this, I am speaking to myself too, from a wisdom that I know deep down, but really over and over make the same "mistake." I know that rich, healthy relationship comes when we are rooted in acting and living as an incarnation of pure love. I don't mean this in a fluffy way. Just think highly of yourself, show up as you want your beloved to arrive. Be sweet and kind and caring and radient and forgiving, too. Love yourself as though all future loves and relationships depended on it...they do. Healthy love isn't always easy. It's a practice of accepting yourself in your many silly and absurd ways of being, and trusting that when you are authentic in your ways, the right humans will arrive.
Many of us chase the wrong people for years. Don't get caught in chasing shiny objects. Find love and friendship that honors and respects your weird ways. Don't change yourself to fit into boxes.

All this to point back to being an embodiment of love. The "right" energies will find you. And trust that when you are secure in your own self love, others will see it and want to share it. And you'll magically, almost accidentally, be attracting like-hearted humans.

Now get out there and BE the love you seek.