Sitting patiently…

Waiting for...a sign? To remember? To arrive? To wake up? To remember that he is already awake? To stop trying so hard?

I don't think the "path" is a path at all. I think it's an infinite loop that most of us (who think we are "on the path") keep wandering. We follow the guidance of teachers; we read the words of illuminated beings; we do all the practices and exhibit tremendous discipline. And yet, we still get triggered/angry/distracted/distraught/bored...most don't wake up.

One of my teachers reminds me (or really helps me see for myself by sitting silently and starring at me with a soft knowing gaze) that it's all right here.

The contentment, the knowing, the wisdom, the touch of Grace, of Oneness, the Divine, the Beloved... God, is right here. We need not accomplish anything. We need not DO anything to realize and remember this. We only need to look up, and surrender the sense of I that is so incredibly hard to shake. Because when we can do that...when we can get ourselves and our stories and preferences and opinions out of the way, we see this clear spacious expression of God Godding--in everything! Nothing is out of the realm of the One.

And so, you are also That. Like a puppy chasing her tail. Just stop and look around. You have arrived. You never really left, except when your mind takes you away. Be right here my love. All is okay. Om Om Om! // All the things coming up at