Don't you see? You're just wearing a bunch of costumes.

Some of our costumes are quite elaborate and fancy. We adorn with make up, jewels, tattoos, piercings, skin-tight yoga pants, or maybe paint splattered overalls.

But the costume isn't just the clothes that we use to cover our skin suit. The costume is also our personality and the way that we arrive and meet each new day, and each person that we encounter.

I was in a coffee shop a couple days ago and this man was on the phone just yelling and swearing angrily --"no, no, no"ing quite louding. He had a dog too, and when people came up to meet the dog, he was also equally disgruntled, unhappy and offering similar expressions of "No/you're wrong/this sucks" to anyone he encountered. "No" was his costume. The psychotherapists among you can analyze him all you want, but he's doing what each of us does in different ways. Maybe you're the victim, or the persecutor or the savior. Maybe you're so humble the words never come out, or so boisterous that nobody listens when you truly need them. Watch yourself show up in various contexts...especially when you're all alone.

My costumes include my "job," that I'm full of joy, happy, that I'm a son, a bother, a former sailor, marketer, goof ball, philosophy major, from the East coast, and, obviously, a pirate. Each of these are layers of the onion that I call Me. And maybe they're all "true," but they are also story and soemthing that I've made my identity.

I'm not suggesting you now just peel everything off in some big "fuck it" gesture and reveal that you're in fact Nobody (a true gift, however). But instead that you notice your masks/cloaks and various psycho-emotional-spiritual costumes that have deliberately or quite accidentally found their way into/onto You...whomever exactly you are.

All of this to say, return to your Nobody-ness often. Strip away all the stuff you've taken on throughout you're life, and try to simply be in your perfect IS-ness, or just Being. Wake up, again and again to what you are--and quit trying to define WHO you are. The what, in this one case, is amazing enough.

Have a delightful, weird and curious day fellow human. I love you.