For the longest time I believe that I needed to live on or very close to the water to feel at home.

I grew up on boats and ships, sailing, motoring and paddling all over lakes, rivers and oceans. I always was captivated by the dance of light in the water, little ripples and massive waves, the colors and smells and cold wetness that surrounded my body or the boat. And of course the wonder and soft fear that surrounded the mystery of what lay beneath the surface thousands of feet down, hundreds of miles from land. The wonder of the sea continues to captivate me. And sailing around the world is still on my list of things to do.

But more recently I have felt the grace of plants and trees and greenery! The life of a plant is quite a thing to behold. And when I contemplate a tree --from this tiny little seed to a massive 300 year old, 300 foot fall beast teeming with life and breath and potential and silence...well, it makes me smile.

Living out here in the woods reminds me that each plant and tree is a unique spirit and indeed personality of its own. They too, like us, have scratches and scars, aspects of themselves that they show, and others that they hide. And also like us, they are far more than meets the eye. They have a world beneath the soil of interconnecting roots that connects to their neighbors that keeps rippling outwards. And maybe they don't notice. Kind of like us. We also are connected to everything else, but usually forget. We get caught in the web and dramas of our small lives. We forget the vastness of it all. We forget that while we are just a wave in the ocean, we are also the ocean itself! We are the carbon that is the tree. We are breath that is the wind. We are love that we seek and the wonder that our minds try to figure out. We are that. You are that.

All of this to say, it doesn't matter if you're a "water person," or a "woods person," or a "city person." You're all of it. Take a moment and put down the label and identity and just be a wave in the sea of this life. You're perfect and part of the magic.

Now go out there and love exactly where you are. Embrace the fullness of this weird and wild reality-like thing.