"What are your goals as a yoga teacher?" I get asked this question often, and my answer has evolved from when I began teaching.

As a new teacher, my ambitions were lofty and all about ME. I wanted to teach sold out public classes, teach at big festivals to thousands of people, lead trainings, get sponsored by all the brands, teach on all the apps and websites, be commercially and financially successful and to generally be a "name" in the yoga world.

I'm happy to say that those ambitions have largely faded away. Yes, ego, comparison and envy do occasionally rear their nasty heads, but I'm learning to catch them more quickly, and remember.

My "goals" have become far more simple, and have transmuted from being about me, to being about You.

I want to help you remember that you're far more okay than you thought. I want to help you remember that you're God disguised as a human--that you are the most beautiful and perfectly imperfect piece of biological machinery, dancing with consciousness, memory and forgetting, ever to grace this planet. And also, much more simply, to help you find more comfort, strength and ease in your body, mind and heart...and to also help you sweat and sing and smile and maybe cry a bit too.

So I continue to practice letting go of what my "success" looks like as a teacher and student of Yoga. I have known since I began this road that I have SO much to learn. Philosophy, psychology, subtle body, anatomy, biomechanics, sequencing, patience, persistence, listening, communicating clearly, praying honestly, forgiving quickly, and just beginning again and again. Now that is a LOT to learn! Lifetimes upon lifetimes. So I try to be patient with myself, and learn from my many teachers and colleagues.

I am a student of life, not unlike Arjun in the Bhagavad Gita. Yoga is my chariot, and Krishna (God) is my ever-present Teacher. I vow to continue to learn, surrender, and re-consider everything, gently setting down what was to welcome what Is. Thank YOU for teaching me yoga. I do believe that each of you are the Beloved that I seek. I am always at your feet.