Oh Happy Day! I pray that wherever you are, whatever you're doing with your days and breath, you find gratitude, equanimity, kindness and grace as often as possible.

And I know those words can sound fluffy and I'm sure many of you rolled your eyes just reading that. To be honest, I have rolled my eyes, and may again reading those words--about prayer and gratitude and God.

Most of the time we're too tied up with "life stuff" to stop and remember how fortunate we are to be here at all. And that's ok. But I keep reminding myself, countless times a day. I actually need to stop myself in all sorts of seemingly meaningless moments and remember how crazy it is that we are here, ALL in this moment, trying to make sense of it...trying to be kind and smile, when, perhaps, it's easier to contract, put on our headphones, look down and tune out. But challenge yourself today to tune in and look up.

That's it. More and more, in small, simple and subtle ways, we coax ourselves a bit more awake to the sweet grace of our moments of presence. Doesn't matter if you believe in God, or not. Just be amazed and inspired by LIFE as it is presented to you. It doesn't need some scientific or spiritual explaination. Just your FULL awareness. Will you try? This is a moment to moment life. Make your moments clear, deliberate, full of breath and your absolute clarity, and perhaps a teaspoon of gratitude medicine to make challenging moments a little softer. I love you, dear human.