Notice the space in yourself that is always at peace. Don't forget or lose that space.

This is that part of you that is always able to take a full, deep breath.

It's the part of you that doesn't react to changing conditions.

It's the part of you that softens and smiles into the unknown of Life.

Breathe in the things that are meaningful and purposeful to you.

Breathe out the drama, the judgement, the clenching, the fear of messing up and the superficial.

Most of us in developed countries don't 'really' struggle to survive. We struggle to maintain the hefty weight of "who" we have become. All we have done and accumulated, all our accolades and degrees, our titles and paychecks, or lack thereof is what we drag around. We cart our identities and our perfect or broken cinematic narrative life behind us on an 18 wheeler truck. It's time to detach the trailer.

It doesn't matter what the heck you do. Rich woman, poor man, baker, banker, sailor, sex worker, thief, chief, sultan. What matters is the heart with which you do your work and live this life. It's about the "why" and the "how." Set down "should" today and just do the thing that you're doing with presence and reverence and care and humility.

Keep asking: "what is important?" We only have a little while here! So do it! Enjoy it! Feel it fully! Don't hold back! Release that which is holding you back (often resentment, fear, anger, self-pity, doubt, shame, guilt). Quit holding those weights. Begin anew today with a new zest and zeal! And remember: you GET to be alive today! So get the heck out there and impart and share the significance and reminder of this gift you've been given. Don't mess up! Because you cant! Happy day my love!