One of the great things about being alive I think it occilating awareness between mundane and magical.

I'm sitting here in the airport looking around at all these humans. Someone is big, another someone is quite small, someone is deep in some bad, but thrilling mystery novel, a little girl invested in a game on an iPad, several harried mother's with their kids rushing to the gate just trying to keep all the pieces together; people juggling bags and cables and jackets and food and fixing their hair too.

But as I look out into this sea of humanity, our heads are down. Most, deep into other realms of digital realities, not here and now...myself of course included.

My first instict is to judge us-- them, me, the fullness of our distracted human condition. I then try to shift to compassion--to feel for us and the predicament we have found ourselves. Then, I switch yet again to amazement and awe! We're head down in entirely different worlds and universes, without needing to leave the comfort of our chairs. We get to transport our minds and hearts and awarenesses into the past, or into other humans shared realities. We get to experience fantasy and narrative, beauty and auditory bliss! We get to transport for a moment to somewhere else.

Yet, we are not here. And my work and practice is to stay right here. To sit with feelings and sensations and observe the wandering mind as it dances about.

So I think this photo points to two things that happily co-exist--that don't need our judgment, but merely our full awareness: often, we are not here, and we are amazingly completely elsewhere! It's a confusing and cool thing to wrangle. But it's okay. You're okay. Let's keep paying attention to our human stuff--to stay in awe that we get to do magical things, like sit on our butts on hard vinyl chairs in airports and read the news, watch a movie, or jump up in Glee as some stock sky rocketed. It's an amazing life.