Many people say that they think of me as "Mr. Positive." And here is where I say that I'm not ALL positive, and that I have bad days too. That our outlook on life is up to us.

And that's partly BS. I grew up with immense privlege, on top of being a white male. When I examine why I (or anyone else) is generally happy and positive it's important too look at the person's family. And it's usually that their parents have similar propensities to be happy OR, the exact opposite, and the person decided --DECIDED that how they viewed and lived in the world was their choice.

And it's also not just family. It does take work! Surprise, surprise, prior to finding yoga (and still), I was easily taken for a ride by my thoughts and emotions. If someone cut me off I got angry, if a line was too long my mind would spin, and I would wake up and stay on the wrong side of bed all day! But since I found yoga, I found my tool belt; my yamas and niyamas, my pranayama, my Asana and my dhyana. The limbs of yoga keep indirectly pointing me back to remembering the blessing of today. They remind me to stop mentally and emotionally swirling away from the present moment into the past and future. They remind me to look up and take a deep breath and remember the countless blessing in/that are my life.

Some days I do wake up not feeling gleeful or particularly happy. So I return to my practice and remember. I remember that how I show up in the world isn't just for me. This play of life is a shared experience, and how I show up in a cab ride or at the cafe with the barista is a moment to really, truly show up and maybe even offer a smile.

So yes, happiness is a choice. Yes it's a practice. And we are also deeply human and feel all the things that are bestowed upon our adorable shared life experiences. But I have my practices to remember. What are your practices? How do you change your mind if you wake up to a seemingly challenging day? Each day (really each moment) you have the opportunity to shake off the old and begin anew right now. So do! Look out into the world and remember how amazing and crazy and magical it is to be alive and breathing and heart beating!