If you practice with me, I hope that eventually you'll move on and find your next teaching.

Early on in my teaching I would get sad when students would stop coming to my class. I wondered what I was doing wrong, or if I said something that got under their skin or, even worse, they found someone "better" to practice with! 😣

Now I've come to trust and understand when a student moves on for a few reasons. Maybe tragedy hit and they reprioritized life; maybe they got injured; maybe I DID say the wrong thing; maybe they found a teacher that speaks to their heart or body in a way that I wasn't; Maybe they moved and my classes were no longer convenient; Maybe I touched someone in an assist that triggered something uncomfortable; maybe they were ready for a change; but really, they were ALL probably just tired of my same old repetitive sorry excuse for yoga jokes.

I trust that when a student moves on, they have encountered their new Teacher. That teacher may be a literal yoga teacher, or it may be a new baby, or a sickness, or cross fit, or a deep meditation practice, or a totally different expression of yoga. I love that!

When I realize it's not about me, I let it go. In fact, it makes me smile. I trust that the student has progressed in their studentship of life. It means (to me, at least) that I've done my job.

I'm quite aware that I am not the end of your path. My teachings and experience and understanding of anatomy and philosophy and life and love and loss and Yoga are limited! I'm a student and really just a baby. I don't claim to have all the answers--heck, I don't have any answers! Plenty of thoughts and opinions and ideas...but I know VERY well that I have no clue what's really happening in life.

So, fellow yoga teachers: If a student one day disappears, don't lament. Trust that you did your job. The role of the "guru" (however tough that term is for us westerners) is to dispell darkness and ignorance and shed some light! And when a student moves on to something else, they likely have seen or noticed or realized a light. You were part of that discovery, in some small or enormous way.

Students: trust your intuition. Don't ever feel guilty for practicing with a different teacher or practice. Any teacher who says they are the one and only needs to get off their throne. This is your life and your journey towards awakening. Keep seeking wisdom and keepers of Light. It will show up in the darndest of times and places. Each of us is a stepping stone in each other's journey. Don't underestimate your impact on others.

That's it. Keep your eyes and heart open. Listen to the signs. And by golly, when you're done with me and the practice that I offer, move on! I'll be here playing early 2000's pop and telling bad jokes if you ever want to come back.