Our ability to think about thinking is SO amazing. I remember distinctly a moment in high school when a teacher got me thinking about my mind and my thoughts. It was a subtle feeling, yet hugely powerful teaching and shift. I started to see my thought process, and the incessant chatter of this voice inside my head. It's the voice that's always commenting, judging, preferring this or that, having an opinion about literally everything. The mind is a beast!

But this lesson of watching my thoughts helped me separate from them. Looking at their content and quality helped me see that "I am not that." I noticed that this voice wasn't my highest and most aware/awake/present/knowing self. It was/is something more a dog untamed or trained. Sadly they usually don't teach us in school to watch our minds in their tinkering. We're taught to collect facts, narratives, beliefs, equations, opinions and more. But even in psychology and philosophy classes we are generally not taught to step behind the eyes and the ever thinking frontal lobe stuff.

Yoga, meditation and mantra remind me to watch my thoughts. Because when I DON’T watch them, this mind drifts to all sorts of unproductive and unhealthy self talk (and of course nice talk also).
This is why it's yoga PRACTICE. We train our minds back to what is here and now, not what was or might be. Life happens HERE. So direct your thoughts to what is good and true and is in line with your highest understanding. Let your awareness open into love. And when your mind starts her chattering about all that silly drama that isn't even real, return to the breath. Return to now. Return to practice.