May your dance continue, from the joy of the weekend, to the start of new week.

It's easy and kind of tempting to get "the Mondays." Ugh, work begins again. But stop that! You chose this path, whatever it is that you're doing with your days, remember you steered the ship in that direction. If you don't get up in the morning and at least feel generally "ready" and hopefully a bit excited about your day--whether Saturday or Monday, perhaps it's time to revaluate the job you find yourself in. I talk to so many people who hate what they do and it makes me sad. We do often operate from a place of fear. Just remember you can make shifts.

In this body, you get one life. Each day you get 1,440 minutes to utilize. Of course not all moments and minutes will be great (and many you'll be sleeping!) but if you're spending 8, 10, 12 hours at a job or in relationships that is not fueling your growth, curiosity, education, sense of wonder, joy or freedom from suffering, then it's time to stop and ponder your present predicament.

This is your life baby! It's time to take the reigns back. Let's make important life decisions lucidly, not seduced by monay or frame or cravings or aversions or shiny objects. Take the helm. Direct your thoughts and actions towards what is good, and of absolute truth and integrity for you. I've taken this leap several times in my life. I get very quiet and follow my intuition. I listen to my gut, and that quiet but clear voice that I think is my wisest self that pushes me along, away from my ego and small self stuff, towards that which I know deeply, the voice I often ignore. That's it.