Make your life a work of art.

It's tempting and comfortable to color inside the lines. Our work, our government, our relationships, our way of Being is subltly prescribed. We follow worn paths from point A to B, often accepting everything as it is given. But...take a leap!

I know about leaping because I have both trapped myself in various situations for far too long, and I have also stepped out of line, changed course and decided I wanted to write the next chapter of "my book" differently.

And your "art" doesn't need to be hugely dramatic --it doesnt need to piss people off (though, sometimes it may), it doesn't need to be a total annihilation of everything you are and everything you've been doing (though it could). Maybe it's more internal. Maybe it's just about quietly changing your mind and allowing shifts to take place slowly, first within yourself, then by extension the external world that you inhabit.

I don't know about you, but I have often felt like I was on the brink of something fantastic! Whether shifting something in my mind/heart/body, or a new idea for a business or a birthing of something is just at the tip of my tongue.The allure of the future--of some "better" times that will come--or when we finally do that thing and "Become" who are are capable of becoming. Gosh, I feel like I'm chasing my tail!

So instead, I decided some time ago to quit reaching all the time. Sure, I'll still go after things, but my priority is Right Now. THIS moment of thinking and writing and sharing; THIS moment of making coffee; THIS moment of interacting with a bank teller or loved one. I realize I can make my life into an artistic expression of deep kindness and listening, patience and playful sharing of moment to moment aliveness.

So I'm okay if my life isn't some grand expression, or if 108 years from now no one remembers me. It's not about the accolades that I accumulate, but the moments that can be shared and fully inhabited by myself or with another--or a group of "others." May we make each day--each moment a living work of art. Like those Tibetan mandalas that are swept away as soon as they are done, may we begin again.