Maintain Wonder ~

Question whether all of what you see and believe is real.

Test your ideas, tease out your true beliefs that rest below conditioned responses.

Ask yourself whether you actually like this person/belief/hobby/career or whether you're still "in it" because that's what you've done before.

Consider that perhaps you're wrong, and let that be okay.

Don't take anything for granted. Every moment is the Guru if you'd just stop and see that. From the feeling of frustration waiting in traffic to the moment of elation while holding a brand new baby. It's all the's all God wearing different outfits trying to get us to wake up and remember.

So each day I sort of try to go blank in many ways. I try to toss aside my assurances about everything and step into the unknown --about myself, about life and love and death, about God and spirituality, about science and Truth. I try to remember that I have no clue. A friend told me just yesterday that we are living in a simulation. That coud be indeed the truth. Nobody knows! Quit pretending that you do.
So I just ask that you clear the slate yet again. Today and everyday. Leave space in your being to be surprised and challenged and just dead wrong. It's okay! Be awed by the grace and a ray of sunshine and a puppy and a poppy.

And finally don't forget, which is to say remember: wake up! Each moment, come back to Now. It's not always what you may want, but it IS! And you'll quit suffering when you stop fighting what is and step fully into the river. Begin again. *PS this is me with my late dog Shadow. I am being a combination of a pirate and Beafeater. The end.