Keep dancing... even when you're tired or sad or it's seemingly beyond your capacity, don't stop. Don't you dare give in.

I'm not a big dancer, but the metaphor feels quite alive as a reminder to keep breathing, persisting, reconnecting with self and life. Keep saying yes to what is presented to you. Now that doesn't mean saying yes to everything, but rather accepting that this thing/person/experience/ conundrum has found its way to me. So we deal with the present moment as it is, without fussing or wishing that it were some other way. We dance and flow and groove and Bob and bop with it! We don't suffer because "bad" things happen. We suffer because we fight the thing having happened at all. We add a layer of unnecessary drama to what is.

So, while I am whole heartedly an optimist, I also know that unsavory things will happen (seemingly) TO me, but it's really just things happening.

I trust in the way that the universe unfolds and expands and contracts and pulls apart and then back together again sometimes. I also trust that it will all eventually fall away. So I savor and cherish the moments I have with the humans that come close to me, for however long.

Life seems to be one big practice in relationship. Our task being to hold on just enough so we can impart the fullness of our human expression and emotions and love to and for another --so that they really feel us, yet at the same time not hold on so tightly that we are easily beaten to the ground when they go.

And what a task this is! So we continue to dance! We lean in, spin, pull back, eyes sometimes wide open, and then other times closed in absolute surrender.

The grace of life is always so close...closer even than your breath. We just need to remember, and then reawaken to the dance that is always at play.