It's not easy being human. "Be patient with yourself and others. Don't miss a moment. Lean into it. Breathe deeply though it. Forgive yourself and others easily. Do not withhold love. Be the kindness and presence that you seek. Absolute generosity. See God in everyone. How can I be of service in this moment? Put your damn phone down. It's not about you. I love you. Stop, breathe, begin again." These are just a few of my little mantras. They are what I tell myself often, but need to see and read and hear again and again. The ideas are simple reminders that help guide me through the rough and sweet patches alike.

And if and when you find yourself going through 'a moment' in the fire, remember that it is passing, and to decide to come out stronger and more unabashedly you on the other end.We get this one life. Each day a chance to to transmute fear into love, pain into power, sadness into deep wisdom.

Raise your hand if you're going through "it" 🙋🏻‍♂️ --trust that you're not alone. Whether you think it's the stars cursing you, somebody else who messed it all up, or just crummy rotten luck, or karma...the strikes to the heart and mind are not singular, and we're in this together. AND, remember that the soul is unflickering. It is always calm and at peace.

So how do we return to that space of witnessing? How do we step into our wisest knowing? I use yoga. And it often works. And I also often forget...I succumb to simple pleasures. But I keep finding my way back eventually. But there are many paths back. What's yours?