Isn't it amazing that we're (probably--okay, MAYBE) real?

Nat and I were sitting down in the grass this evening, just a few feet from the edge of a steep cliff that dropped straight down into the Pacific Ocean on the Big Island of Hawaii.

For what looked like hundreds of miles, just blue vast ocean, and right below us waves crashing rhythmically, yet chaotically against the sheer rock face.

We sat quietly for some time, just pondering life, and the immensity of what our eyes were seeing, our skin feeling the breeze, our heart beating it's beats, and the absurdity that all this is (or at least might be) real!

It's easy to settle into the normalcy of "life." We go about our days, doing our work, loving our people, playing and exploring, or maybe just surviving. But in certain moments of the soul--in pause and wonder, I can't help but laugh at how amazing and seemingly impossible [this/my/our] life really is. Just looking at a tree, or a cliff, or a bird, or a pebble or an ocean waves and considering how it came to be is enough to take my breath away. And that's saying nothing of us humans who get to move and breathe and sing and taste and synthesize RNA and make love and war and peace and children and fight and forgive and maybe kind of actually understand each other... and from what? Star dust and cosmic explosions billions of years ago, light years away from here? Really?! It's all too absurd to even begin to wrap my mind around!

So we go about our days. Concerned and stressed about our own micro dramas, or maybe bigger national dramas between this country and that, or maybe global warming and poverty and all the shitty shit that makes us each fee despair. But even those feel small when we remember where this whole party began. When we stop and question even the most "obvious" things that make life, Life.

So IS this really real? I don't know! I kind of like the idea of a Truman Show or Matrix-esque existence, I really have no idea. But for now, I'll just wonder and feel grateful that I get to ponder this at all and that I have friends that think these thoughts with me...and that I have Right Now.