In the pulse and churn of your day, in the heartfelt and the hectic, stop and Wonder.

Wonder why you were offered this life.

Wonder what came before, and what happens after.

Wonder about the space that is between us, and how we can step into it.

Wonder about the flutter of a blade of grass or the dusty wings of a moth.

Sure, there may be answers, but can you simply enjoy the questions and the magnificence of not knowing?

Us humans love to KNOW. We want answers to all the questions --especially the impossible ones. But I love WONDER! Even religion tries to put our minds in a container. 'This is who God is, this is how you must reach Him.' No. Just be amazed and curious and keep chewing on the blessing of a mind that thinks, a heart that loves and a universe that offers endless mystery. And remember that you are part of IT. You are the cell that is a tree and a honey bee and a golden retriever puppy too. You're a manifestation of the mystery, too.

Set down that craving for assurances about the future and neat containers for the past. Instead attempt to smile at the grace of this very instant. If you're reading this, you're doing pretty darn okay in life--even if it feels difficult, painful or sad. Let the monkey mind rest on the simplicity of a child playing, a dog barking, a flower flowering, or the vast universes over. And be open to the infinite possibilities of the next moment. Nothing is written, or, if it is, you're still in for a ride into the unknown abyss. You know? I don't. So I just wonder, and try to stay present through the flow of this breath and life, and surrender the rest.