Imagine the possibilities.

This was a simple activity my dad often had me consider. He'd say "pretend you are God. What would you do?" It was a spaciousness to life and career and hobby and curioisty that continues to guide my life. It's easy to look at folks who either have more, or can do something seemingly beyond belief and think "heck I could never do that!" Sorry, but I'll call BS for you. You, my Earth-based cosmic astronaut are un-fucking-limited. The only thing that is holding you back from success and love and fresh opportunity and your dream life is, quite simply, you. So, get out of the way. Let life move through you. Do not push. Imagine what it is that you want, let the seed take root, and then sit back and be guided by life's amazing and mysterious ways. Say Yes.

Don't allow failure to throw you off course. Do not be overthrown by heartbreak or give in to the ultimate entropy of all things. Everyone and everything is going to die and dissolve, the planet is indeed falling apart, yet you're mindset and inward gaze is yours. How do you best make peace with the unfolding of all things? How do you remain a global citizen--a steward of all land, and all people? How do you REALLY practice compassion for ALL beings? Not. Easy. Work. Especially when so many folks look and think and speak and believe differently than we do! How do I love them still? Every human interaction is holy and sacred and you get these brief moments of interaction with a little tiny slice of the Divine/Grace/God every single day. Don't waste another moment on fear. Go! Be! Imagine!