I'm not very good at the yoga poses.

They are fun to play around with sometimes, and I do my best when I'm practicing, but I never caught that asana (posture) itch like many students, friends and colleagues seem to have.

My interest in yoga instead is as a vehicle/medium/window/process for awakening...(Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Present Moment Awarness, Love, God). I think that's truly enough.

Do I have moments of envy watching amazing practitioners float into perfect handstands, or do some wild arm balance on one finger? Sure. But it is really just a privelege to witness such amazing art, beauty, discipline and devotion in motion. My aspirations through my own practice are far less physically rigorous.

Maybe this speaks to my lack of discipline, or my commitment to the path of yoga or awakening. I'm just not so much interested in the forms and shapes and alignment and anatomy. I wish I were! Safety, sound biomechanics, yes-- I'll teach everything I know to a point. But, I'm curious about the human, and how this process shakes up and shifts your life! What does warrior two or an attempted handstand teach you about freedom and fear and trust and surrender and love!? That's my interest. What does doing these shapes teach us about (our) life.

Sometimes I wonder if I should even use the label "yoga teacher." I teach the shapes in the yoga room with the music and heat and all the things that set the vibe...but I'm not sure it's really, REALLY Yoga. I do wonder what Patanjali would say about what happens in these yoga rooms. But I do hope that I'm reminding people of important things like heart opening, breath, community, forgiveness, reverence, devotion, kindness, and a path towards letting go. That's my hope. Radient health, stretchiness and vitality are just byproducts.

Finally, trust your curiosities and the path of yoga that uniquely resonates with YOU! This is your life, and your quest to come into contact with that which is beyond words. I pray that this yoga stuff helps you see more clearly, and unfurl your heart once again. I love you!