If ONLY the changing of the year solved all of our "stuff."
If you believed that finally, now that the year has rolled over, everything is now somehow magically going to be perfect, and that you'll NOW, quit doing all those things that you believe you shouldn't be, and take up all those "good" habits you think you "should" be...good luck to you.

I'm generally an optimist about virtually everything, but I question all our "new year, new you" stuff. Forget the perceived importance of January 1. If you've been neglecting practice or making a big change all year, do you really think this one new day will spark a sustained change going forward? Key word: "sustained." I watch folks come and go from regular yoga practice throughout the year--myself included. We all start off really strong and committed. Then, within several weeks, or maybe even months, we start to roll back into forgetfulness. We become complacent or lazy or "busy." Practice takes the sideline. But don't let that happen. Every day should be a new "year!" A microcosm of your year and your life can fit into the space of a day. It is a moment to moment practice of crystal clear awareness and intentional thought.

Now, I don't want this to seem like I'm trying to sideline or devalue your new years goals/intentions. I just want to remind you that "living better," and creating habits that impart the significance of your life and your breath is an everyday activity. Recalibrate every single morning.

AND, if everything is going pretty well in your life, maybe don't rush to start trying to fix everything. Personally, I think I'm doing okay. Sure, some little tweaks here and there that I'd like to zip up, but otherwise, I don't need to make any dramatic changes. I'm usually happy, mostly healthy, and that is MORE than enough.

All of this to say, day by day. Forget enormous shifts. They don't last unless you REALLY want/need them. Tiny shifts make huge changes over time. So dial it in, step it up, but if you're doing okay, baby just stay your course. I love you. Happy New DAY!