I hope many things for you.

I hope that you find people in your life that cherish you because of your blemishes and weird quirks.

I hope you find connection with humans that see through your masks and "costumes," and that show you that they see through all of that.

I hope that today you can feel a little more okay than you felt yesterday with the entirety of life as you understand (and also don't understand) it to be.

I hope that you feel nourished and loved and held and supported by someone, or something, or if you're very lucky, by The One, whatever that means for you.

I hope that today you allow yourself to be in awe of seemingly simple things--to remember often that you're star dust and we are speeding through the universe, and at other scales you're smaller than a grain of sand, perhaps even an atom. And that understanding should at least once make you laugh hysterically, cry deeply, and also just look up in wonder and gratitude.

I hope that you find the courage to say "I'm sorry," and "I love you," and "thank you...really, thank you." I hope that you at least occasionally try to throw away the labels and stories that you hold about yourself, and at least momentarily reconsider who the heck you think you are exactly.

I hope that you are able to forgive someone that you believe may have wronged you, or hurt you. It's a weight you carry that you can put down now. Really.

I hope that you will consider death and dying...because we're all out of here eventually. Feel it...bathe in it. Consider what might happen after.

Finally, love. Love everyone. Love the unlovable. Love the one that has been broken and beat up by life. Love the one that has everything that you don't. Love the one that you disagree with at every single level. Love the one that you overlook and the one that you wouldn't otherwise give a second glance. Love everybody. And holy mackerel that is hard! But if we are ever to evolve, we need to send good wishes --and do good deeds for others...we need to truly feel that everyone is a sibling, our kin. Or, maybe better, that everyone is one of Gods cells, and deserves equal respiration and reverence.