Here we are again!

Back on the phone, swiping, scrolling, commenting, hearting... Validating and being validated, selling products and services, ideas and patreon pledges, pretty pictures of those weird videos y'all post of cutting styrofoam and stuff?

It's a festival of delight on this little rectangle! A sensory feast for anyone with even just a free second of time! Swipe down for a quick peak at today's stocks, or up to glance at today's newest bad news about corruption, a dying environment, or, if we're very lucky, a video of human saving a puppy or something...but just for your click.

These phones draw us in with their abundance of content and games and capabilities to distract even the saddest and loneliest among us. A few taps and you're smiling and curious, stimulated and titillated. No longer are we forced to sit with our present physical/emotional/psycho-spiritual reality. We can just look down and swipe away from that.

And there's not a point to this rant. Just concern. Too many people tapping away and staring at their boxes, and not enough into each other's eyes. I miss your eyes. We're in an interesting period in time when technology is rapidly, gradually taking control of our awareness.

But please, for the love of whatever is beyond me and you and this phone, BE loving awareness as much as you possibly can. See through eyes of love. Stop and sip in the necter of a human moment. Sing out because you can. Put this thing down when you're sad. But keep showing up in love--for everyone. That's the good work of this life. I love you. And I'm always thinking of you and our shared collective modern predicament. Keep coming back to yoga where at least for 60 or 90 minutes we can TRY to just BE with the immensity of life and the unknown next moment.

Your homework: right now, set the phone down for a few minutes. Look around. Think, feel, express. That's it. Love you.