Here and Now.

Strip it all down. Set down the mental tinkering --for more money, for more love, for more health, more beauty or acceptance or fame or whatever that feeling of lack may be.

I often think about how I can become more raw and vulnerable--more openly express my humanness. How can I strip myself down more and more to essential parts?

And I slowly realize after over and over noticing and recognizing "I am not my..." , that the "I" is illusive. That "I" am merely a collection of experiences and fuzzy memories and moment to moment sense perceptions and feelings and aspects. Maybe there is an immutable soul that is the watcher...and I sometimes think I get glimpses and reminders of that. But I really don't know. I trust in the here and now experience of the inner landscape. I try to often set down the associations that others/I claim to make me, me. I prefer to be a fluid, water-like thing. It feels better to constantly be in process and not a stable organism trying desperately to hold onto an identity that is necessarily ever-changing. Who said that quote? "I contain multitudes." And of course, I have "my ways." I'm stubborn, opinionated, offer advice when not asked for (sorry), and when I'm not present and paying attention, I THINK I am solid and fixed and something containable--Peter, the son, brother, yoga teacher, great haired, bearded, tattooed, motorcycle riding guy. It's got a nice ring...but it's all story. It's all narrative of a play.

But I can't be contained or put into a box with a label--and you can't either...unless you submit, and just go with the flow of day to day submission to the wills of corporate political societal economic controls. This is not the "flow" state peak performance or spiritual folks talk about. This is the brain plugged into the matrix flow that we must try our best to resist at all costs.

So PRACTICE stripping yourself raw. Keep dissecting who you think you are and keep wondering what lies beneath. And it doesn't need a label. It doesn't need assuredness. It doesn't need another box of nonconformity or dogmatic thinking. It simply deserves your attention and curiosity.