Good day dear human!

We’re living in a time with SO much information and knowledge.

We "know" EVERYTHING. Just think about all the data that is collected when we just post a photo with some words here on Instagram. A really, really smart algorithm picks apart this photo and the words and adds to an enormous web of data and information about me and you and all of these interactions that ripples outwards — and then back inwards! It’s amazing.

Artificial “intelligence” is already here.
Some of you have the most incredible, precise and logical of brains--almost algorithmic! I’m always awed by folks with the brains that collect ideas and stats and numbers and know about all the public figures and wars and history and public policy and can quote poetry and scientific research and esoteric mathematical problems, too.

And… this knowing is not wisdom. You could know every darn fact in the world, but is that wisdom? Information and ‘knowing’ is quite useful in our paradigm that we call reality, BUT is it supporting the awakening of others? Is it supporting you and those you connect with in becoming more kind? Compassionate? Forgiving? Sweet? Equanimous? I don’t know. What is wisdom?

I’m on a non-striving quest for wisdom. And I believe this can only come from experiencing life, not from a book or show. We come to “know” life through living; through lust and anger and death and birth and falling over and smacking ourselves in the face, too.
Use your knowledge, use the vast mountains of information and data…but do not forget about wisdom, which attempts to touch the unknowable. It gives voice to the heart’s deepest knowing that is beyond what you think you know. I think wisdom begins with a shrug and an “I really don’t know, though.” So what do you know beyond what you’ve read or been told that is important? What is the WISEST thing you know? Because I don’t know…and I want to! Teach me please!