The Journey from the Mind back to the Mind.

Many of us come to the Yoga practice to “get out of our heads.” Our mind is racing with ideas, stressors, confusion, busy, indecision, fear, anxiety, memories of the past, plans for the future... Sometimes yoga seems like a great way to escape the frustrations and craziness of the seemingly “unwranglable” Mind.

But our mind is our greatest tool! It is the most powerful supercomputer on earth! Yet there is no clear instruction manual, and left alone to wander and just think, it kind of takes on a mind of its own.

So I think that Yoga teaches us to utilize the tools of body, breath and heart all to bring us back to a Mind that is more...equanimous. We use the tools of yoga asana, pranayama (breath work), meditation and mantra to help us regulate the fluctuations and wanderings of the mind. And this isn’t a new insight; it is written as the goal and purpose of Yoga in the sutras! But it admittedly just clicked in a new way for me today.

From untamed mind, I immerse myself in the yogic tools to claim a new and changed mind that has integrated my emotions, body awareness and, most importantly (to me), my personal and unique connection to Grace—to the Beloved of my own unique understanding.

So now this mind of mine that was...okay, still often IS—unruly, impulsive, unfair, jealous, distracted, disruptive, irritated, now is MORE often, steady, present, integrated, patient and reminded often of my connection to God. But it took all this yoga! Chanting, sitting, moving, breathing all to circle back to my mind.

Now it is my friend. Now I kind of have the reins. I still work everyday. I still mess up and forget everyday. But I also have my tools. And I have this awareness to reset and begin again. Come back to your sweet mind my love. It’s the greatest thing you’ve got.